SINCE 1992



Scrap metal requires a solid and strong approach 

We compact and trim metal waste on a stationary blade press with a cutting force of 800 tonnes and an entry chamber measuring more than 7 metres in length.

We cut beams with a dredger with a mobile shear force of 340 tonnes.

We compact sheet metal in a hydraulic press with a process rate of 130 packs per hour. The resulting dimensions are 30x30 cm.

It fills everything with material, lays it down and sorts it using several modern loaders. Polyp grips (scrap), scooped scrap (metal dust from machining), demolition (sorting).

A fleet of Abroll container hook lift trucks with hydraulic loading arms with dredges is used for material collection and further transport. We also operate our own towing vehicles with tilting steel trailers. These comprise a hydraulic arm with a reach of up to 12 metres and a lifting capacity of over 3 tonnes.

Smaller material volumes are handled by lifting equipment and a telescopic loader with an anchored pivot for crate clamping.  

We inspect everything on certified scales (it is otherwise not possible) with a load capacity of 60 tonnes. We also continually check for increased radioactivity at entry and exit points.

Each foundry delivery is always retested to ensure that it has the required chemical composition using multiple analysers set to a content accuracy of  thousandths of the tracked elements.


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